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Vuyo Mokoena

Vuyo started from humble beginnings of Duduza, near Nigel where he stayed as a child and was determined to be a top music performer, though his peers forced him to go to soccer matches where he was made a goalkeeper.He said his mind was never on the pitch because he knew his talent was in the studio, composing and singing.He started with an amateur Afro-pop group Melodi in Springs, on the East Rand.

Vuyo perfoming in church

He then became a professional musician, joining the popular group Pure Magic in the 90s. Before making an impact in the late 90s, Vuyo was known as gospel diva Rebecca Malope’s associate and together they handed a number of the artist’s projects. He even featured in several albums for the award-winning gospel queen.

On the side he was also a prominent member being lead singer for his brother Peter’s project- Pure Magic At the start of the millennium, he left the CCP Records stable which houses Malope to venture into a solo career, which became a huge success.He released albums which had hits such as; ‘Wena uyikholwa ngempela?’ (Imisebenzi Iyaw’bonakala), ‘Banokuthula Abangcwele’ etc.Vuyo was one of the few sought- after performing male artists and featured in several albums for a great number of artists such as Lord Comforters, Lundi Tymara, Nontando, Sipho Makhabane, Jabu Hlongwane, Frans Dlamini and Mzwakhe Myeni (locally).2011_10$thumbimg105_Oct_2011_085408963-ll

Vuyo counted American psalmist Donnie McClurkin and fellow South African legendary gospel singer and Pastor Benjamin Dube, a personal friend as his favourite musicians.Mokoena said: “Donnie McClurkin is one of the few musicians left in the world who will make you to appreciate God, while at the same time make you dance to his music praising His name.

I grew up listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube and he inspired me to be a singer as well. We have become close friends and he has helped to shape my music career.”Mokoena died at his home on 23 May 2008. He began experiencing health problems in February and was admitted to the Linksfield Clinic. Vuyo Mokoena, one of SA’s best-known gospel singers and multiple award-winning star, died at his home in Brakpan yesterday after losing his battle against brain cancer. He was also diagnosed with leukemia.

Here are some of the albums that Vuyo did in his life time

The best of Vuyo Mokoena

Year of release: 2012

The best of Vuyo Mokoena

Track List                                            

1. Ikhoni’ Mfuyo

2. Webathandwa

3. Hlengiwe

4. Ayikhwi’ Ndlela

5. Njalo

6. Kanana

7. Sakhiwe

8. Lefatshe La Dikhutsanyane

9. Thul’ Ulalele

10. Bhay’ Lam’

The Essential

Year of release: 2009

Vuyo Mokoena-The Essential

Track List                          

1. Hamba Nami

2. Nguye Ujesu

3. Ulikholwa

4. Sish’udumo

5. Umoya Wenkosi

6. Inqanawe

7. Ntate Nthuse

8. Wophelelaphi

9. Nkosi Bhek’ibandla

10. Sefapanong

11. Banefa


Year of release: 2009

Vuyo Mokoena-Remembering


1. UJesu Uyamemeza

2. Mbonge Jesu

3. Hamba Nami

4. Sebakanyane

5. Avuleka Amazulu

6. Jesu Ke Mmoloki

7. Ntate Nthuse

8. Part One: African Praise

9. Uyikholwa Ngempela

10. Sizowanyathela


Year of release: 2008

Vuyo Mokoena-Avulek'amazulu


1. Vuselela Ithemba

2. Ke Alfa Le Omega

3. Khomelela (Famba Eku Vonakalen)

4. Jehova Wemikhosi

5. Avuleka Amazulu

6. Lekunutu

7. Nguye Izolo

8. Obani Labo

9. Ngobekezela

10. He Loves Me So

11. Ujesu Uyamemeza

12. Liza Lisidinga (Instrumental)


Year of release: 2008

Vuyo Mokoena-Legends


1. Njalo

2. Ikhoni’ Mfuyo

3. Ukuzenza (feat Rebecca)

4. Kanana

5. Lefatshe La Dikhutsanyane

6. Umholi Wam

7. Jerusalema

8. Umoya Wam’ (feat Rebecca)

9. Hlengiwe (Traditional Arrangement)

10. Ayikhwi’ Ndlela

11. Sakhiwe

12. Likhoni’ Themba

13. Ndilindile

14. Imvana

15. Yek ‘umusa

16. Mayenzake Intando Yakho


Year of release: 2006

Vuyo Mokoena-Psalmist


1. Hamba Nami

2. Sefapanong

3. Banefa

4. Hamba Vangeli

5. Give It All

6. Ngisindile

7. Makadunyiswe

8. Ngcwele

9. Nguye U Jesu

10. Melusi Wami

11. Hamba Vangeli (Sam Mix)

Sishu dumo

Year of release: 2003

Vuyo Mokoena-Sish'udumo


1. Wophelelaphi Na

2. Uyikholwa Ngempela

3. Mhla Ebizwa Amagama

4. Nkosi Bhek’ibandla

5. Buya KuJesu

6. Yizwa Nkosi

7. Sish’udumo

8. Mvana ka Thixo

9. Umoya Wenkosi

10. Amaqhawe

11. Duduza via Nigel

Iculo Elisha

Year of release: 2002

Jabu Hlongwane and Vuyo Mokoena-Iculo Elisha 


1. Inqanawe

2. Iculo Elisha

3. Ketla Ho Wena

4. Ebusheni Bami

5. Nxa Ebizwa

6. Ntate Nthuse

7. Akhon’mandla

8. Wahlushwa

9. Themb’umamele

10. Qhawe Lama Qhawe

11. Halleluya



  1. The pains that vuyo had no one can take it for him bt God always know the best he was my inspiration in everything he does,when he sings he’s like,,,thee voice came inside my heart healed me,may soul rest in Jesus hands

  2. Brother Vuyo Mokoena the annointing you had always healed me my soul,rest in peace in GOD’s hand

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