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Oleseng Shadrack Shuping was born in the hardships of Bloemfontein, Mangaung in 1966, he was born disabled, could not speak because of the disorder of the teeth , a rare condition which causes teeth to be mixed up with no linear, normal sequence. Two years later Oleseng was taken to Z.C.C (Zion Christian Church) where the teeth were”panel beaten” to normality then that is when the young soul fulfilled his destiny as a Gospel singer.

As a youngster, Oleseng sang in Local groups, then his family relocated to Pretoria, Attridgeville where his career bombed to the top. Oleseng started off in a boys choir at church then soon formed his own group: Attridgeville Happy Boys with their first album Moya. That was the road to fame for the King of Gospel Music. Truly speaking, the world as a whole has lost the best ever Gospel artist of all times.

Segopole Boikhantsho


Oleseng-Segopole Boikhantsho

Track List

1. Mahodimong

2. Segopole Boikhantsho

3. Mmele Pelo Le Moea

4. O Molato Soulo

5. Kemang Monyako

6. Selebale Thapelo

7. Kaine

8. O Mang Wena Ntate

9. Joko Ea Hao

10. Mehlolo


  1. Ma ever favourite artist of Zion music

  2. Oleseng,may your. Soul,rest in peace my brother,kere okare bana ba gago baka swarana,baba ngata etee,

  3. Modimo o be afile o boshitje o tjeere.a re amogeleng ba papa o tseba modimo.what a lord has giveth,has also taketh
    rip king of gospel.amen

  4. Eish tota modimo o ne le balapa la ga shuping le Rona BA bane BA mo rata eish tota FA ke reditse mmino WA tau e mmino yo onang le melaetsa e fodisang R.I.P kakapa

  5. Your music is life on its own. You speak a spiritual language. May the Lord of mercy give you erternal life forever. May your soul rest in peace Tau ya leloko la Juda

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