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Benjamin Dube Albums – Discography

Benjamin Dube Albums - Discography

Reverend Benjamin Dube Albums are still selling like like hot cakes. This is someone who has been in the music industry for more than 40 years and is still as relevant as ever before. started singing in the church as Dube Family Singers and Benjamin playing the guitar and singing …

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Sfiso Ncwane Albums

Sfiso Ncwane New Album ‘Wethembekile Baba’ featuring the Hit song, Glory Halleluyah!

Sfiso Ncwane has released a number of albums since he first came into the Gospel Music scene under Bula Music. He recorded his first professional album with Bula Music which was produced by Tshepo Ndzimande, who has produced the likes of Lundi Tyamara, Kholeka and others. This album was titled Makadunyiswe …

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Joyous Celebration Albums – Discography

Joyous Celebration Albums - Discography

Joyous Celebration Albums – Joyous Celebration release albums annually and have broken boundaries in the South African recording industries in terms of live DVD and CD recordings with a total of 22 live Albums. Most of the latter albums contain music composed by the singers, the founders and the friends …

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