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Benjamin Dube Albums – Discography

Reverend Benjamin Dube Albums are still selling like like hot cakes. This is someone who has been in the music industry for more than 40 years and is still as relevant as ever before.

started singing in the church as Dube Family Singers and Benjamin playing the guitar and singing at the age of 12 in 1974. The young Benjamin used to sing a hit song called “Oh Happy Day” by Edwin Hawkins in his father’s tent meetings. Sadly, when his was 14 years old, his father was murdered. The following year, in 1977, the Dube Family Singers continued with what the late Reverend Benjamin (senior) Dube’s legacy and toured the Netherlands with their mother. While on tour in Netherlands, their mother shared with them how their father had been murdered. That inspired them to record an album called “Vader vergeef he then” – Dutch, meaning “Father forgive them” – composed by the young Bonani Benjamin Dube.

Benjamin Dube began the journey of his calling in ministry in 1986 when he recorded a single – ‘HOLY SPIRIT’ as Benjamin and The Youth Choir. It was produced Chicco Twala at Dephon Records on the Ron B Label in 1986, which was a cross-over hit song and chart buster on local radio stations and sold over 25 000 units in the year of its release in South Africa. In 1988, he released another album called “EBENEZER” featuring the late “Lucky Dube” with Gallo Records. By this time Benjamin Dube was already a household name in South Africa. He was invited to be a supporting act for the US gospel star, James Cleveland when he toured South Africa. Dube later toured America where he shared the stage with greats such as the Mighty Clouds of Joy and Andre Crouche.

With his musical background, he has sixteen albums to his name, eight which are still on the market another one was released on March 07 2013.

Here are just some of his many albums:

  • I feel like going on – album sold Platinum (Harmony records/Spirit Music),
  • “For Every Mountain…..Thank you” (2003)  – album sold Platinum (Spirit Music/Dube Connection),
  • The High Praise Explosion (2004) “OH! Bless Our God” – album sold Gold (Sony/Dube Connection),
  • The High Praise Explosion “Eyahweh”
  • Benjamin Dube & The Free State – Praise Explosion “June 16”
  • Commemoration –Live
  • In His Presence with Benjamin Dube – (2007)
  • Worship in His Presence with Benjamin Dube – (2010)
  • “Healing in His Presences” – (2012) with Benjamin Dube.



Track List            

1. Bambelelani Ma Quawe

2. Elethu

3. We-Mvelingangi

4. The Nation Mourns

5. Nkosi Sikelele

6. The Voice Of Zion

7. Kanana

8. Qhubeka

9. Son Of God

10. Umonana Satane

11. Bayenga Bayaphuma

12. Hallelujah

13. Somlandela

14. Emnqamlezweni

15. Go Away Devil

16. Khululekani

17. Son Of God

18. A Friend

19. Jesus

20. I Need Your Touch

21. Array

Eh Yaweh-Live


Benjamin Dube- Eh Yaweh-Live


1. Eh Yaweh

2. Undzifele

3. I Love The Lord

4. Uthando Luka Baba

5. It Is Good To Say Thank You

6. Body Praising

7. Jesus My Rock

8. Reign Jesus

9. I Feel Jesus

10. Halloweth Be Your Name

11. Moses, Aaron

For every mountain ….thank you



1. Thula Manje

2. For Every Mountain

3. How Excellent Is Your Name

4. Amazulu

5. Praise Him

6. Hold Me Tight

7. I Will Bless You

8. The King On The Cross

9. I Need Your Touch

10. Oh Msindisi

11. Ketshepile Wena

12. Ekhalvari

13. Emnqamlezweni

14. Somlandela

15. Unomona

In his presence


Benjamin Dube- In his presence

Track List            

1. Praise Medley- Choir

2. Obrigado – Solly

3. Sibekiwe – Keke

4. Akuoumi – Andile B

5. Papa Ose – Aois

6. Khosto – Khotso Teshepiso

7. Conversations Day 1 – Twasa

8. God Bless Africa – Mari Michael

9. Africa Will Be Saved – Keke

10. Prayer – Shana

11. Modimo O Lerato – Sthembela

12. Madi a Konyana – Solly

13. O Ya Kalalela – Keke

14. There Is None Like You

15. Esandleni

16. Ithuba Lokuthandaza

17. Hallelujah

June 16 Commemoration


Track List            

1. Nation Mourns

2. June 16 Message

3. Bambelelani

4. Qhubeka

5. Umelusi

6. Lekunutung

7. He Touched Me

8. Through It All

9. Lord Make Me Over

10. Jesus Knows

11. Hallelujah

12. Kgumama

13. Thinking About You

14. Umelusi – Reprise

Looking Back


Track List

1. Unomona Satane

2. Emngamlezweni

3. Khululekani

4. Uyeza

5. Kgumama

6. Siyabakhulekela

7. Bayangena Byaphuma

8. Hallelujah

9. Son Of God

10. I Need Your Touch

11. Heaven

12. Somlandela

13. Jerusalem

Love Africa


Track List

1. Bambelelani Ma Qhawe

2. Elethu

3. We – Mvelingangi

4. The Nation Mourns

5. Nkosi Sikelele

6. The Vioce Of Zion

7. Kanana

8. Qhubeka

Oh! Bless our Lord


Benjamin Dube and the High Praise- Oh Bless our God

Track List            

1. Oh! Bless Our God

2. Ezindumisweni Zethu

3. Release Your Power

4. Thum’imvuselelo Kimi Nkosi

5. Medley: Lord Prepare Me / Everytime I Fell The Spi

6. Nans’impilo Yam

7. Bow Down And Worship Him

8. I’m Pressing On

9. We Lift Him Higher

10. The Lord Will Reign

11. Nuew Mens

12. Rea Ho Boka

13. Till We Meet Again

14. Bow Down – Finale

15. I Feel Like Praising

Worship in his presence


Benjamin Dube- Worship in his presence

Track List            

1. In Your Presence

2. Jesus Oh Jesus

3. Baba Wethu

4. Thank You Jesus

5. Uyahalalela

6. Ngangingazi

7. Kea Ho Rata Jeso

8. Moya Moya

9. Holy Holy

10. I Need Your Love

11. I Really Am Grateful

12. I’ll Rise Again

13. Ongiholayo

14. Halleluyah

15. Amen

Praise the Lord


Benjamin Dube and the High Praise- Praise the Lord

Track List            

1. Umelusi                                           Dube,benjamin & High Praise

2. Oh Bless Our God                        Dube,benjamin & High Praise

3. Ke Bale                                            Dube,benjamin & High Praise

4. A Nation Mourns                         Dube,benjamin & High Praise

5. Eh Yaweh                                        Dube,benjamin & High Praise

6. Lord Make Over                           Dube,benjamin & High Praise

7. Undzifele                                        Dube,benjamin & High Praise

8. Lekunutung                                   Dube,benjamin & High Praise

9. He Touched Me                           Dube,benjamin & High Praise

10. Moses, Aaron                             Dube,benjamin & High Praise

11. Through It All                              Dube,benjamin & High Praise

12. I Feel Jesus                                  Dube,benjamin & High Praise

13. Uthando Luka Baba                  Dube,benjamin & High Praise

14. Reign Jesus                                  Dube,benjamin & High Praise


Of all Reverend Benjamin Dube Albums, which are your TOP 3 most favourite and why?



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